Pete Morales

Legendary accordionist Pete Morales was inducted into the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame on May 16, 2002. Morales is a self-taught conjunto musician who has performed and recorded across Texas since he began performing on stage at the age of 15.
Of course, Pete had been playing with family as a youth in Bigfoot and later in O'Donnell, Texas. Although he semi-retired in 2000, his love of music has kept Morales playing his accordion at church, for friends and filling in for other accordion players. In fact, Pete has always been popular for weddings and has often played free benefits to help people in hard times. He is called "El Amigo de Todos" (the friend of all or everyone) because Pete is friendly to everyone and is known for his support in the community and his church.
Pete also continues to repair accordions for musicians all over Texas and New Mexico; few skilled craftsmen are available to repair accordions in today's music industry.
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