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West Texas is possibly the most influential, yet overlooked music mecca in the world – but hopefully, that’s all about to change! “StoryTellers & MusicMakers” has just completed its second season of production. The new entertainment talk show, hosted by Kenny Maines, features the historical tales of musicians, songwriters, and disc jockeys who worked in or whose careers were shaped by West Texas. The show’s first season just won the highest honor bestowed at the 28th Annual *Telly Awards!

“StoryTellers & MusicMakers” is co-produced by Doug Nelson, producer for KTXT-TV, and Tom Stalcup, Program Coordinator of South Plains College’s Video Production Technology Program. Tom and Doug often work as producers, engineers and camera operators outside of their full-time jobs. Each has won several Worldfest International Film Festival Remi awards, as well as The Videographer Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction, The Communicator Award of Distinction, a Bronze Telly and now, a Silver Telly!

How did StoryTellers & MusicMakers come to be? Well, in 1983, Doug was told that the British knew more about West Texas musicians and their influence than most Texans did. So, he flew to England, where interviews confirmed the widespread admiration and impact of West Texas music! Determined to increase appreciation at home, Doug began creating historical music productions.

Tom Stalcup met Doug Nelson in 1996, although they didn't get to know each other well. Doug was producing a television documentary about West Texas musicians and a mutual acquaintence on his production crew asked Tom if he'd like to help grip or run errands during the week of shooting. Tom’s interest in television production grew from that encounter. He left his job in architecture and pursued a degree and job in television production. In 2000, Doug and Tom met again during the local PBS affiliate, KTXT-TV’s pledge drive. Tom was a regular production volunteer by then and Doug had just begun working there. The two became close friends and created many award winning productions together. In 2005 they began talking about producing a music-talk show featuring West Texas musicians: “StoryTellers & MusicMakers” was born. (Tom still "blames" Doug and those terrific musicians from the documentary for ending his lucrative career in architecture!)



Click for 1996 videos clips: Jesse Taylor, Butch Hancock, Lloyd Maines, Junior Medlow, Joe Don Davidson, Don Dykes (aka Eddie Beethoven), D.G Flewellen, John Sprott and more.



In early 2005, Tom and Doug chose the “perfect” host – talented actor/singer/songwriter Kenny Maines (former lead singer of the Maines Brothers Band). Kenny knows the music and people of West Texas and has incredible rapport with guests. The first season, which won the Telly, featured: America’s first fulltime female radio announcer – Misty, producer Don Caldwell, and singers/songwriters: D.G Flewellyn, Dan Crump, Cooder Graw’s Matt Martindale, John Sprott, Megan Laurie, Junior Vasquez, Cary Banks, Cary Swinney, Andy Wilkinson and Kenny, himself. It was taped in the Tom T. Hall Studio at South Plains College in Levelland.

When asked about the success of the show, Tom Stalcup said, “A lot of the credit goes to Kenny, as well as to all the crewmembers who made the productions possible.” Other SPC instructors, including Billy Alonso, Greg Cook, Ryan Dixon, Jay Hoes, and Matt Quick, served as crew members, as did Armando Rodriguez, another producer at KTXT-TV. Several students from SPC and TTU also worked as camera operators on the production.


*Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards is a widely known and highly respected national and international competition and receives over 13,000 entries annually from all 50 states and many foreign countries. This prestigious award honors outstanding local, regional and cable TV programs, as well as video and film productions.

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