John Sprott

John Sprott, born is a native Texan, born in Ft. Worth. His family moved to Lubbock in 1960, which is where John has stayed. Sprott adds a new dimension to the often underrated Lubbock music scene. He started from humble beginnings.
His first paying gig was with his sister in 1973. He then played with a number of local blues and country bands until 1980, when he, Dennis Jones, and Greg Galbraight formed a band that became The Nelsons. The punkabilly group entered the MTV Basement Tapes contest in 1983 and won the semifinal round. The group was awarded $5,000.00 worth of gear. The Nelsons recorded an EP in 1984 and a CD in 1990. During that time they opened for acts including the Culture Club and Billy Idol, and jammed with Jimmy Paige. The members of
The Nelsons went their separate ways in 1991. Sprott then moved on to form the Fearless & Incomparable Texas Blues Butchers with Kevin Mackey, and Sean Frankhouser. They were later joined by Stephen Shaw, aka Elvis T. Busboy, and now do regional tours throughout Texas.
Sprott has been a part of several music ventures. He has played on and co-produced D.G. Flewellyns House of Doom, and worked on Story of a Rebel with Jeffrey Duke Patterson. Along with this, Elvis T. Busboy and The Blues Butchers have recorded two CDs, Dance Favorites and ETB II. And, in 2004, he was named as one of five Buddy Texas Tornadoes of Guitar and Bass.
Recently, Sprott has released his first full-length album entitled, Aint Worried. When speaking to Sprott you get the impression that this is more than an album title, its simply his way of life. His life has been about playing music, and like so many great blues artists, John Sprott has remained a tried and true musician.
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