Dan Crump

Singer/songwriter Dan Crump is "Texan from the dirt up" and he has a lot to say. His re-release of "TRUTH IS" on Audio 11 Records, contains everything from a song about a lost love with a fondness for footwear (She Likes Shoes) to the true story of his parents marriage (40 Years). With the project, he hopes to lasso more fans with his down-home, Americana-styled lyrics and music.
With collaborators like Lloyd Maines, Gene Elders, Floyd Domino, and Ernie Wells the truth is that this just might be a winning album. At 37, Crump considers himself a late bloomer in the music business. Now living in Houston but raised in Lubbock, TX, Dan was exposed to the music of many local favorites. The Maines Brothers Band, Terry Allen, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Joe Ely, Waylon Jennings, and Mac Davis to name a few.
Although he has always liked music he was really more into girls, cars and parties than anything else during high school. For reasons he won't say, Dan joined the US Marine Corp Reserves his first year at Texas Tech. He was surprised to get the call to serve in Desert Shield/Desert Storm a year or so later.
After returning from his military stint and while working at a guitar shop and attending college, Dan befriended another songwriter named Pat Green who was just getting started, inspired him, and turned him on to some great music that never hits the radio. Dan started playing guitar and found his own road in music, learning to navigate the music industry while pulling his songs together that he'd written. "I really enjoy almost all styles of music, but it wasn't until later that I discovered how much I truly love the singer-songwriter thing," claims Dan. His advice is to figure out what that one thing is and go for it. "The tough part for most people is figuring out what their one thing is."
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