D. G. Flewellyn

Popular singer-songwriter D.G. Flewellyn has been based out of his home town of Lubbock for the last twenty-five years. He recalls stashing everything from a record player and his rhythm 'n' blues and rock discs, to his first full drum kit in his parents garage when he was growing up. When Flewellyn was in the sixth grade, a man giving an assembly in his elementary school arrived with a semi-truck filled with instruments; he played each one, then sold them all. Flewellyn said, "I thought that was so cool. I wanted to play everything." He started with drums (in his garage), and, without formal lessons, learned guitar, bass, flute and most brass. He says he can play a piece on everything except tuba and violin. Flewellyn was a percussionist for hire at an early age. His first paying gig was a party at the age of 13.
After attending Texas Tech University for a music education degree, D.G. worked and remained in Lubbock to raise his family and performs several times a week in local clubs, both as a solo act and as a member of a trio, Plain Brown Wrapper. He has even performed for two United States presidents. During the past 16 years, D.G. Flewellyn has recorded and released four CDs.
With his unique voice, finger-picking style, and original music, D.G Flewellyn has created his own sound and earned respect from the city's working musicians and enjoys a still-increasing fan base.
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