Bo Garza

Bo was born in 1957 and grew up in McAllen Texas. Garza remembers always having a passion for music, especially after getting his first guitar from his grandmother, Jesusita Villegas, when he was 12.
Bo has been playing ever since. First with his high school buddies. Then, at 24, Garza was in a band called the "South Texas Wailers," which later went on the road as "Bo Garza and Youngblood."
Garza has wrote and recorded many songs that became hits in the Rio Grande area. In fact, his songs are still played today on radio stations in the Valley.
At 35, Bo married and they moved to Nashville, where he pursued a song writing career. As with most songwriters, Garza also took on another job, selling health Insurance, to make a living there. He was later transferred to Lubbock where he continues his true passion - to play music and write songs.
Bo tells people that he fell in love with West Texas and that he and his wife decided to raise their three children here. Garza says, Lubbock is "Home."
Bo has become a popular entertainer and can be seen several times a week at live events, restaurants, parties, weddings, and banquets,
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Bo Garza's website

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