Some History of West Texas Music

Prairie Nights to Neon Lights: The Story of Country Music in West Texas was written by Joe Carr and Alan Munde. The book won the Belmont University Prize for Best Book on Country Western Music.
In the book, these well-known bluegrass musicians, document the important contributions of West Texas musicians in shaping the music of America and the world. From the Amarillo fiddler Eck Robertson, who is noted as the first country musician to be recording (in 1922) to Buddy Holly, who influenced Beatles and a huge number of artists of rock, country and other genres of music.
West Texas music, like the West Texas wind, is hard to describe, but once it blows by, it's hard to forget. This book is a powerful historical documentation of that music and the musicians who brought it to life. I love it! --Sonny Curtis
It's a wonderful book, and the title says it all. When you grow up with country music, you never stray far from it because a Texan is a Texan is a Texan. --Waylon Jennings.
Carr and Munde share some of the history of West Texas Music with StoryTellers & MusicMakers.
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R.I.P. Joe Carr (Deceased 12/14/2014)

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