Andy Eppler

Andy Eppler was born & raised in Lubbock, Texas, by two church ministers. Andy developed a love for music early in his life and started playing guitar when he was around 16 .
A self-taught musician, Andy seemed born to play and write in his own unique and moving style: Jazzy, with a dash of Folk, flavored with the West and poignantly spiced. Eppler has played alongside some of Lubbock's finest talent, including Joe Ely, Mac Davis, Cary Swinney and many others.
His debut album "There is No Underground" met with high praise from critics and audiences alike. Andy also released an album of poetry and short stories called "Dark Places". Both records are available online (check his websites for details).
Andy can also be found playing in various venues throughout West Texas, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops and colleges.
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Andy Eppler's Official Website

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